As An Introvert - Marijuana Gets Me Motivated.

It really does.

Ironic, isn't it? The commercials want you to believe you might "lose your brain and completely black out"  after smoking weed. Yet for me, after smoking (vaporizing) marijuana I am more motivated when I need to do somethinganything. Usually within fifteen minutes after a good puff, I feel more connected to the universe, myself, my thoughts, my intentions, relaxed, completely coherent, and better able to focus on what I need to accomplishand how to go about it. 

Introvert or Extrovert?

The thought used to be that Introvert or Extrovert described someone as either "socially awkward" or "outgoing", but it actually relates to how a person gets their energynot their personality type. Both Introverts and Extroverts can be either socially awkward or socially savvy.

I'm definitely an Introvert. Introverts "recharge" at the end of a long day by having some alone time, thinking out the day's stresses and problems, and using creative outlets (such as writing, video games, drawing, dress up, reading, etc.) to gain energy to be able to continue engaging with more people (family/dinner time). The thought of large crowds can be a little overwhelming to me (busy malls, shopping on Saturday's, wedding receptions). I can't explain the feeling of panic having to engage for a long period of time with a lot of people, and how draining it can be, but it is. I can recharge and be my best at the end of a long day with a puff, a good book, and half an hour of alone time.

An extrovert gains energy having people to talk to and engage with. They especially get a lot of energy from a large group of people. Extroverts get grumpy if they don't have people to talk with. They need good listeners. As long as they are allowed to engage with others, they will "recharge" and be fine. They also need a lot of positive reassurance that they are doing a "good job."

Marijuana has helped me immensely dealing with people every day, managing anxiety, plus the sheer stress of trying to make it in life! I tell people, "Smoking MJ is like brushing your teeth morning and nightjust a habit to help your life out." To those of you parents already on the MJ train... you can probably appreciate how lucky I was to have gone through recovering from giving birth plus the first "newborn" weeks with the aid and calmness of weed. I didn't use Vicodin as prescribed by my delivery nurse. I had no desire for the nausea associated with Percocet. They aren't natural or from the earth and they make me literally sick to my stomach. Why would I want that?

From my previous post, "How many deaths are caused by Marijuana?" the following illustrates exactly why I shouldn't even have to defend myself for choosing to use a natural plantthat is now being legalized one state at a time for medical and recreational purposes   

Deaths reported from Marijuana use: 0, Viagra :2,254 (1997-2005)

So to any nay-sayers of this blog or legalizing weed, I was once one of you. I looked down on my  friends, chastised them for "smoking a dubie." But they were just having a normal, relaxing, pleasant timeI was the one missing out. I should've been grateful I had the kind of friends who were pulling out  a harmless little herb, instead of a meth pipe or pint of vodka. Truth be told, as uneducated as I was (as a teen) about drugs and alcohol and life, I'm really surprised I didn't ever try hard drugs. Thankfully, now there is more awareness because of wonderful series like Intervention (A&E) depicting the real-life horrors of what hard drugs do to peoplevery dark paths of self-destruction, but ten years ago meth wasn't even talked about openly at school and certainly not warned against from parents.

It's like your mind is constantly re-playing scenes from your life, all the time. What I didn't realize as a youth was how everything I was doing, thinking, deciding...was shaping my life. If I had never been friends with the awesome girl who eventually convinced me to smoke weed "because it's totally natural dude," maybe I would still be without the amazing mental and physically healing properties.

"More importantly...they discovered why massive doses of cannabis has never killed anybody. There's not been one recorded turns out that we don't have any cannabinoid receptors in the medulla oblongata. That's the part of the brain that controls respiration and heart rate. So massive doses of many other drugs (or even not so massive doses) cause respiratory depression, cardiac suppression, and death. Massive amounts of marijuana might make people fall asleep, but it doesn't cause them to stop breathing or stop their heart rate."  A NORML Life directed by Rod Pitman (2011). 

I had surgery a few years ago after a boarding accident, which warranted my medical marijuana card prescribed from my doctor. I can attest I surely would not have healed as well as I did after the surgery had it not been for Aleve and Marijuana. I don't know which had the most benefit exactly, but together they made the aches, pain, and throbbing totally bearable for months while I healed. The first day after surgery I did take a Percocet because the pain was so bad, and about 20 minutes later I threw up as if I was having an exorcism. It was horrible. Then my hubby and I decided I should just try Aleve and MJ for a few days, and manage my pain that way. Aleve and MJ? Yes, turns out both were able to alleviate the throbbing aches and pains..MJ helped me forget my sadness for my aching limb enough to play MarioKart with my hubby. Helped me have an appetite and eat nutritious foods that my body needed to help heal itself. If you've ever gotten that nauseous, woozy, sick feeling from Percocet or Vicoden (kind of feels like when you get off a fast ride at the fair) just know Marijuana is nothing like thatcomes with no nausea or hangover. It wears off almost unnoticeably and leaves no residue other than a happier feeling that lasts all day. 

Anyways, I mentioned I liken smoking weed (vaporizing or traditional smoking) to the effect of the excited feeling knowing you're taking an upcoming weekend trip to San Diego, coupled with the caffeine buzz from a Red Bull. Basically the same kind of slightly jittery feeling of an energy drink! Resulting in a more elated, happier outlook on everything about life. It's genuine happinessyour own happinessvery coherent, mentally uplifted, hopeful thoughts that only MJ provides. No side effects. Just a way to mentally relax and feel positive. 

Now, I haven't done any "hard" drugs in my life. No powders, ecstasy, needles, etc. To me, those are the real "gateway" drugs. They're scary and I don't warrant ever trying the scary ones. I'm fine with weed. I like just feeling a little calm. I don't want to know what being high on heroin or meth is like. Once someone says "yes" to trying a harsh drug, it can be so addictive that a first-timer can become an addict that first time (Heroin and Methamphetamine in particular.) They must provide a "great" feeling to some extent to make people jab needles in their arms... but I'd just rather not go there in life.  I'd rather live a simple life utilizing the healing properties of herbs and plants. 

I think clearer, write more, laugh louder, and everything seems more possible when I use MJ. I also try to make sure my husband has a puff before any major stressful event. It helps mellow him out so much and to be able to better cope with stressful situations (also an Introvert). One key in using MJ is eventually learning to use the calming effects to deal with conflict, stress and anger when you can't have a puff. The first lesson I learned in smoking weed regularly was how much patience there is meant for everyone...if they would just utilize the benefits of this plant!

For myself, I've learned that even though I may be freaking out about something going on which I have no control over, I know I can be calm through stress because I have been calm through stress...thanks to weed. No, mom and dad didn't teach me how to control my feelings when I felt very intense or upset. Parents seem to want to ignore tantrums or hurry and "make things better," instead of realizing they should be teaching their kids/teens the tools in how to deal with frustrated feelings, angry feelings, anxiety feelings. Why try to deny a child to feeling these things? Do we as adults not feel them? Have a puff, read a parenting book (or two) and help them to not become another ADHD statistic.

Am I a crazy wacked-out druggie trying to get people to do drugs? Mmmmm... no. Just sharing my opinions. I don't have a criminal record. I'm just a mom living an every day life, with an every day plant.  : )
I'm just a mom living an every day life, with an every day plant.
I want to be a Guinea Pig for a private or public Marijuana study that has anything to do with charting the effects of using MJ during pregnancy, after child birth, after surgery, or day to day use for managing stress, anxiety and pain. Yes, please, sign me up. I'm also going to start an experiment with my best friend to see if smoking MJ doesn't help her manager her stress and anxiety as a parent. 

It is my opinion that a higher quality of life is what marijuana can provide for parents. Of course the devil would work his ways to have MJ taken away from every-day people, pushing alcohol in it's place. Alcohol is addictive, life-ruining, harmful to the body, deadly at the wheel, awful for the reputation and at the heart of destruction in this country. 

When I was a kid, alcohol was the main reason that tore my family apart and ended my parents' marriage. My mom hated drinking, and who it turned my dad intoangry mostly. Oh how I wish my parents had just put down cigarettes, beer, anything other than a dubie with some good hashand toked up! I'd bet them a 50% higher chance for success if they had a puffpuff at the end (or beginning) of each day. Maybe they were just completely incompatible. But there was something strong enough for them to get married in the first place, and I bet if they could open up and be relaxed and real and get through life understanding each other better (yes, MJ does help this) they might have had a chance. Yet at least for my family, the addiction of alcohol destroyed that chance.

But people aren't taught this growing up...most people see alcohol as "of course everyone drinks." Well my husband and I may have a glass of red wine at a occasion, but we don't drink alcohol. We don't need to. It doesn't have an appeal to us. We both lived through the "going out with friends, drinking,  having fun, being young" phase. We're over it. We need something in life to helpnot hinder. 

It seems like nearly every day is stressful to some extent. My husband gets home from work and the first thing I want him to do is relax, take a shower, have a puff and play video games for an hour. That's what I want for himin order for him to unwind, recharge, and be happy! He needs to unwind from a stressful, boring day job. He so good to me and our baby, why would I not want to make his life happy? Why would I want it to be all chores and bores? Same for our kids. Life is about balance. Work and Play. 

I know as soon as he's had a half hour - hour to himself, he will come out refreshed,  happy and willing to take on helping with anything I should need. And let me say that if he walked in the door and I needed help right away, there's nothing he would do except want to help! I insist on him going to unwind because as the mom, I set the tone for our family. I have to use my intuition to know when a family member is hurt or needs help. A daily puff puff is as good to the soul and natural as brushing your teeth. It's simply a coping mechanism for making life better. I can't say it any simpler. 

I swear to you, as a mom, marijuana helps to think of the best ways to work out problems. Problems can beto their ownercompletely daunting. I see friends stressed out beyond the point of relief; they turn to drinking or worse to relieve their stress. They are left with a hole in the wallet, an emptiness in the heart, and a hangover the next day. 

I believe marijuana can help any relationship in lifeSpouse. Children. Parents. In-Laws. The Boss. Friends. MJ allows you to be more honest, be a better listener, more tolerant, and definitely more patient. If they want people to be more honest in court, they should advise the use of MJ. If there were ever a "truth elixir"I think weed is one. ; ) 

Using marijuana as a stress reliever, creative thinking cap, anxiety shifter and sleep aid helps me open the paths of communication, be able to better relate and show more patience for my loved ones, to think "outside the box" and relieve aches and pains when my body hurts.  I can't say the same for any other affluance in my entire life.

If you have Netflix, I highly recommend watching "A NORML Life" which is pro-marijuana and gives a lot of clarity, facts and benefits from many voices support legalizing MJ
 A NORML Life directed by Rod Pitman (2011). 

I leave you with a cute little cartoony..