My background with Marijuana (Mj) is smoking occasionally with friends at parties when available during the 90's. It was still pretty scary to smoke marijuana then, and we had all of those "D.A.R.E." commercials. In the 2000's during my college years I still had access but not constant. I didn't quite grasp the true concept of the benefits of Mj until 2010 when I had surgery which left bones and tendons screwed together in 7 places. When I took Percocet (prescribed by the surgeon) after my surgery, even now I feel the nausea rise up in my lower tummy area. I felt horrible. I had a moment of the 'exorcism' when puking up the Percocet's in the kitchen sink. Honestly the pain associated with the nausea hurt my recent injuries so badly. Anyways, a friend at work had told me she got through knee surgery on just Aleve. I started downing the Aleve's. I felt better, not great, but better. I never touched the Percocet again. For those whom get addicted to those pills...honestly, weed is soooo much better -- more relaxing, more calm, more awareness, no "down" afterwards, no irritability like people I've seen on pills. Idk. I just think Mj is the total "take off the stress" without the backlash of negatives with alcohol and 'hard' drugs, even pills. Anyhow, luckily a neighbor knew of my situation and actually gave us a small bag of Mj. One night after smoking some and taking a few Aleve, I finally felt better. I felt happy and uplifted, and the pain and throbbing was lessened. 

The time I tried vaporizing for the first time,  I was introduced to a small wooden box vaporizer and I ended up ordering my own vaporizer (Da Buddha) and have been using it ever since. I like vaporizing because it definitely makes the 'high' last longer, be more calming and you use way less Mj during a sitting. It's awesome really. 

To some I will be crazy using Mj but to me it's crazy not to. This is my blog for understanding why.  

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Marijuana is used because its primary active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) "produces a relaxed state and may heighten the senses." 

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