How to Use a Vaporizer {Da Buddha}

This tutorial is for anyone starting the switch from traditional pipe smoking to vaporizing medical marijuana.

I have reviewed different types of vaporizers here. Vaporizing is definitely the healthier, better, longer-lasting and benefit-inducing way to go! 

Step 1. Turn on your vaporizer and allow to heat up for 3-4 minutes before using. Temp should be between 325 and 365 degrees for optimal vapors.

Step 2.

Mj is better vaped when it's a bit dry. Grind your Mj using an herbal grinder. This makes it way better to vaporize—every single time. Just crush a few nuggets up, then you always have some on hand.  =)

To use grinder: Take off top piece of 3-piece grinder, load a small number of nuggets in top section, place top back on, then twist back and forth a few times like a salt shaker. It's easy. 

The result should look something like this:

Step 3.

Pour the size of a quarter of freshly crushed MJ into your hand. Scoop MJ into the whip filling about 1/4 - 1/2 full. Content should be somewhat loose to vaporize properly, not packed down.

Step 4.
Push the glass whip into the vaporizer, continually rotating wand while inhaling a long, deep breath for 5-6 seconds. I tell my friends, pretend like you stepped outside in the winter, and take in a long, deep breath of cool air...that's what it's comparable to.

You can see ours is quite used and loved. =)

Step 5.
Repeat 5-20 times. The denseness of your marijuana will determine the heating you need, so play around with the heat setting until you feel the right amount of vapors coming through, but generally right in the middle works best.

It takes some practice. Don't give up!  

Step 6.
Be sure to stir the Mj every so often (using a toothpick or likewise) if you have Da Buddha or Silver Surfer vaporizer. This helps avoid combustion and gives you a better vape. Stirring is very important.

After about 15 minutes or so of vaping, turn vaporizer off, grab some snacks and enjoy your day!


MedicalMjMom is affiliated with VAPORNATION - they have a terrific website with every vaporizer imaginable, friendly staff, and are based in the U.S.  I only buy from them, (and the occasional cool smoke shop) and completely recommend their website for a discreet browse and checkout. 

- - -

One of the best benefits of vaporizing is saving your lungs and clothes from the smell and combustion from traditional smoking. With vaporizing, there's hardly ever a cough or feeling like your throat hurts. It's really quite pleasant, likened unto hookah. 

There is little to no residue or smell when vaporizing. Your neighbor walking by isn't going to turn you in for the 420-smell coming from your place. Smoking from a bong, pipe or paper always leaves a strong smell, so if you don't want to "smell funny" -- vape!

Is there a smell associated with vaporizing?
"There is a slight smell that is released upon exhaling (comparable to lightly burnt popcorn), 
but it’s very mild when compared to smoking." -VaporNation

Vaporizing does take a little getting used to, but usually only a few tries to get your perfect groove. The effect of vaporizing is calming, lasts longer (in my opinion), and is all-around superior. This doesn't mean I don't sometimes pull out our cute pipe from San Diego or the bong from a trip Downtown and have a puff the old-fashioned way. Sure, there's some nostalgia with those. But for the day-to-day medicinal function, vaping is the way to go.

Here is a display of the 3 versions of MJ residue; how it looks in it's natural ground state, smoked from a vaporizer, and smoked from a pipe:


" Vaporization has emerged as a safer, viable delivery method 
for inhaling the active compounds from cannabis."  -Source

Do I need to grind my herbs before vaporizing?
"Definitely. Grinding your herb allows for more efficient vaporization because it increases 
the surface area of your herbs and allows hot air to pass through much more effectively."